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Opened in Accordance with the PUBLIC HEALTH and TRADING STANDARDS

Precious Pets Dog Grooming has contacted the Public Health and Trading Standards for confirmation that we can remain open for business. Public Health and Trading Standards has advised that the following preventative steps must be taken to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Safety Requirements Assured

At my premises, I have placed sanitiser and antibacterial wipes at the rear gate on a trolly. The process is that the client enters the the back garden and removes the dog’s lead and collar and leaves the area via the back gate (remember to sanitise hands before leaving) I will then collect your pooch from the garden and take him/her into the grooming parlour

The reverse procedure is performed for the client when collecting their pooch. (All handles are cleaned with anti-bacterial solution before you arrive and after you depart)

Communication with the owner is done at a safe distance in the garden.

Collection & Return of your Dog

We can collect your dog from your home and return him or her. Our vehicle is adapted to transport dogs as discussed by Public Health.